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Founded in 1999, the law office of Pierce, Herns, Sloan & Wilson, LLC is a boutique litigation law firm dedicated to serving the needs of its clients. We represent clients ranging from injured individuals to insurance companies and corporations. For experienced assistance, contact our Charleston, South Carolina, lawyers today.

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Protect Your Interests When Drunk Driver Strikes

Mothers Against Drunk Driving South Carolina issued a call to action Jan. 7, 2015, after learning about South Carolina drunk driving figures that the National Highway Traffic …

Truck Accident Victims Need Experienced Representation

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a report in the spring of 2014 on large truck accidents in the U.S.  Although there was a national focus, the report …

Get a Lawyer When Injured Despite ‘Sober or Slammer’

From Dec. 13, 2013, through Jan. 1, 2014, an astounding 41 people were killed as a result of 38 fatal motor vehicle crashes in South Carolina.  Those figures are enough to make …

Pierce, Herns, Sloan & Wilson Represents Sexual Assault Victims

The Charleston lawyers at Pierce, Herns, Sloan & Wilson LLC have been representing in young women in civil lawsuits who were the victims of sexual abuse at the hands of a North …

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