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Founded in 1999, the law office of Pierce, Herns, Sloan & Wilson, LLC is a boutique litigation law firm dedicated to serving the needs of its clients. We represent clients ranging from injured individuals to insurance companies and corporations. For experienced assistance, contact our Charleston, South Carolina, lawyers today.

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Trade Secret Basics

Businesses are very protective of their trade secrets, and go to great lengths to prevent workers and the competition from stealing them. Many large companies fight aggressively to …

Nursing Home Abuse: Inadequate Supervision and Security

Inadequate supervision of residents and inadequate security are two major issues at understaffed nursing home facilities. Both of these issues can lead to unsupervised nursing home …

What Is A Mechanic’s Lien?

It is unfortunate when a construction contractor completes work, but does not get paid for it. It can place a financial strain on the contractor, especially if he or she needs the …

Nursing Home Negligence: Medication Errors

One form of nursing home negligence involves medication errors – situations where nursing home residents are given an incorrect prescription medication to take by nursing …

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