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Distracted Driving and Car Accidents

Distracted driving is becoming a plague on the nation. To be sure, distracted driving, which constitutes many activities, puts everyone on the road at risk, as the driver pays …

Reasons for Truck Accidents

A Fresno County truck accident involving two commercial trucks, a fuel tanker and a pick-up has left one dead and two injured, according to an ABC30 news report. Authorities are …

Truck Accidents: Not Your Typical Car Crash

It is no secret that commercial trucks are commonly in accidents, which occur on a daily basis on U.S. roads. What is less known, however, is the sheer number of truck-related …

The Increased Danger in Truck Rollover Accidents

One in 10 highway deaths occur as a result of a collision involving a large truck, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Indeed, the Federal Motor …

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